JSC AKKUYU NPP was audited by the Turkish regulatory authority

02.06.2014 12:54
JSC AKKUYU NPP premises in Ankara hosted the first audit of the company for conformance with the international standards ISO and in-house regulations of the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency (ТАЕК).

According to the Agency’s provision on the basic requirements for quality management and NPP safety, the audits in the nuclear industry in the Republic of Turkey should be conducted on a regular basis. Their objective is to inspect the management system of the NPP operator, which should ensure exceptionally safe operation of the nuclear facility.

Before the audit, CEO of the Project Company Fuad Akhmetov noted: “The activities of JSC AKKUYU NPP are conducted in frames of the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation. The company’s doors are always open for the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency and other regulatory authorities of Turkey.”

The TAEK regulators led by Head of Nuclear Safety Department Mehmet Ceyhan conducted a two-day audit of JSC AKKUYU NPP activities. They were interested in results of the work done from the time when the company started its activities. The focus was on the project management strategy, technical policy, system for corporate and operational management of the company, information security management, and quality management principles.

The deputy CEO and director of HR and financial issues delivered a presentation to inform the auditors that the Company has an organizational structure that allows to clearly identify persons responsible for operating areas. With that, the Company now actively implements the project-oriented approach which will allow more straightforward management of the plant construction and operation preparation process. The company also carries out various programs for staff training, maintaining and advancing staff skills on an annual basis.

The auditors were made aware of the effective, result-directed procurement strategy in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey and the process of organizing Turkish contractors-oriented tenders. The issues of vendor selection, availability of criteria for screening and reassessment of contractors, control of compliance of the purchased products and their acceptance for the construction project of Turkey’s first NPP were also addressed. The ТАЕК officials were provided documents on procedures for the technical regulation, product security during delivery and storage, work quality assessment, compilation of the database for quality improvement, and corrective and preventive quality management measures.

The scheduled audit of the Akkuyu NPP construction project was carried out constructively, all questions were comprehensively answered and relevant documentation was provided. A specialized report on the TEAK audit findings will be provided within a month.

Press Service of Akkuyu NPP