Rosatom Delegation attended World Procurement Congress 2014

23.05.2014 17:57 The Rosatom delegation headed by Rosatom’s Chief Procurement Officer Roman Zimonas took part in the World Procurement Congress 2014 held in London on May 19-20. The Congress gathered about 1000 procurement leaders of the world’s largest companies to discuss different approaches to increased efficiency and transformation of procurement procedures, the role of procurement in a company’s development strategy and the staff development in this area.

“The discussions and presentations show that Rosatom is following the global trend in procurement – something needs improvement considering the experience of the global market leaders but in some aspects we are already far ahead of the game. Rosatom is boosting its international cooperation in many countries and it is highly important for our procurement procedures and supplier relationship management methods to comply with the international standards and hit home with our partners all over the world,” Roman Zimonas said.

Rosatom’s procurement system was distinguished by the Congress Advisory Board. Roman Zimonas was successfully shortlisted for the Procurement Leaders Awards 2014. “Rosatom procurement system is considered one of Russia’s most efficient and we are happy that this point was made at the Congress of world business leaders. This success is the result of hard work of all Rosatom procurement divisions involving a great number of Rosatom employees,” Roman Zimonas stressed.

Rosatom includes about 400 subsidiaries with its annual turnover in 60 thousand open procurement procedures totaling 10 bln euro. “We have put in a lot of effort in development of our procurement system thus saving approximately 4 bln euro. In the last four years we have completely computerized our procurement process increasing the number of e-procurement from 5% to 99%, the number of permanent bidders by 17 times and the volume of purchases by 30 times,” Roman noted.

Rosatom’s Chief Procurement Officer stressed the importance of such a dignified professional community saying it encourages both business giants and small enterprises to exchange their expertise and use best practices for achieving best results.

Press Service of Atomkomplekt JSC