A meeting of national coordinators of IAEA Technical Cooperation Program was held in St. Petersburg

21.05.2014 18:21 On May 20-21 a meeting of national coordinators of Technical Cooperation Program in European Region was held in St. Petersburg under the aegis of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The event was organizes with joint efforts of IAEA and ROSATOM.

The event hosted national coordinators from 29 countries (Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Belorussia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Croatia, Check Republic, Estonia. The IAEA delegation was headed by director of European division of technical cooperation Mr. M. Salema.

The Technical cooperation (TC) program is a main tool of IAEA to the member-states to provide assistance in the area of peaceful and safe application of nuclear technologies in the purposes of substantial social and economic development. The Program for 2013-2014 includes 532 projects in four profile regions (Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa). The Program incorporates 430 national projects, 96 regional and six inter-regional ones. Regarding the areas of cooperation the traditional priority is the area of nuclear security and physical protection (25% of the projects), human health (24%) and application of nuclear technologies in such industries as agriculture and food production (19%).

The Russian Federation in the current Program cycle (2014-2015) is the initiator of two large-scale regional projects on enhancement training for medical physicians from CIS countries and for training of the experts in the area of decontamination of contaminated areas suffered from Uranium-mining enterprises. The total Russian additional contribution to the implementation of these projects is appr. 3 mln. US dollars. In addition, Russia acutely participates in implementation of IAEA projects in the region. In 2013 228 Russian experts took part in technical meetings arranged within the scope of the TC Program (113 as experts and 115 as participants), 28 experts participated in various IAEA  training events. The Russian companies hosted on-job-training of 9 foreign specialist, 51 research visits, 61 foreign experts took part in Russian training courses. 120 foreign experts took part in the technical meeting arranged in Russia within the framework of IAEA TC Program.

The purpose of the meeting was to summarize the results if TC Program in 2012-2013, discuss the course of implementation of the projects in 2014-2015 and review the project concepts for introduction in the Program for 2016-2017. Mr. N. Spasskiy, Rosatom Deputy Director General – Director for International Activities in his address emphasized the importance of the event and expressed his hope that the participants would be able to elaborate a balanced program for a new cycle of technical cooperation.

A package of 19 regional projects was elaborated by the results of the meeting, which will be further finalized and approved during the next two years with final approval by IAEA Governing Board in 2015. The number of the agreed concept projects includes a Russian offer regarding implementation of a regional project aimed at enhancement training for nuclear infrastructure and safety assessment experts based on VVER reactor technology.

ROSATOM Communications Department