ROSATOM participates in the 5th International Seminar on Nuclear industry in Brazil

16.05.2014 10:37 On May 14 in Brazil started the 5th International Seminar on Nuclear Energy, which counts for the first time with the participation of ROSATOM.  

The Secretary of Energy Planning and Development of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Altino Ventura Filho, opened the event positively analyzing the entrance in the Brazilian energy market of foreign companies with technological capacity and global experience in the nuclear area. He stressed the need for the new Brazilian NPPs to be competitive in comparison to other sources. He reported that, before being made new auctions, it is the Government duty to carry out technical studies for the construction of new NPPs. "We're going to have to replace the hydroelectric sources for renewable sources of energy. And we will also need to rely on foreign expertise and investment in these new projects", he said.

Stanislav Pantyushin, head of group (JSC OKB "GIDROPRESS", ROSATOM), presented Russian experience in improvement VVER safety systems for operating NPPs after the Fukushima accident. Based on results of the stress-tests (IAEA and WENRA methodology) operating Russian NPPs with VVER (Generation 2 and Generation 3) was supplied with more than 150 items of additional equipment. "The new VVER (Generation 3+) reactors are operated with tested technology, including new passive safety systems and radiation containment structures that protect from abnormal external hazards (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, snow and ice loads, tornados, hurricanes, storms, explosions, and even flight accidents). In addition, the reactors have autonomy of up to 7 days (without operation measures and outside support) in the accidents with station blackout (i.e. NPP with VVER-1200)", he said. The design and technology of Rosatom NPPs follow all international safety requirements making Rosatom one of the leaders in nuclear industry.

Previously, on May 13  the delegation of ROSATOM visited the Information Centre of the Angra NPP in order to exchange experience and develop cooperation in PR activities regarding the public acceptance. Representatives of Russian company presented the model of new NPP design and the first floating NPP project in augmented reality.

In the context of education, ROSATOM will promote a lecture at the University of The State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) dedicated for students of Communications faculty. The lecture will be about the specifics of PR activity in nuclear industry and Russian expertise in this field, since Rosatom traditionally pays great attention to public acceptance, by believing that the successful development of national nuclear program is based on the support of the population.

Press Service of Rusatom International Network JSC