New vice-president to take lead of TVEL's international business

26.09.2014 11:03 Felix Abolenin was introduced by TVEL's President Yury Olenin to the management as a new Vice President for Commerce and International Relations to assume office from 19 September.

Yury Olenin thanked Vasiliy Konstantinov who would leave his current office of the Senior Vice President for Commerce and International Relations to become President of Uranium One Holding N.V. (ROSATOM 's subsidiary). Mr Olenin emphasized his contribution to the expansion of the Company into global markets and laying a solid foundation for promoting nuclear and non-nuclear products and services internationally. Under the leadership of Vasiliy Konstantinov, TVEL won over 10 international tenders and chalked up over USD 26 billion in long-term export orders until 2062. His other achievement is a launch of the TVS Kvadrat project.

Introducing the new vice-president, Yury Olenin pointed out that Mr Abolenin was in the Rosatom Capital personnel reserve and had a long track record in international business. Felix Abolenin started his career in the nuclear industry in 1998–2005 when he worked in the Export and Import Department at TVEL. In 2006–2014, he held a number of managerial positions at TENEX where he acquired considerable expertise in international business, first as Director of the Department for Europe, then as Director of the Department for Americas and Intergovernmental Programmes, Director for Uranium Product Sales and recently as Director for Uranium Business.

‘I am confident that this appointment is consistent with the corporate strategy and will keep up momentum on TVEL's international business,’ noted Yury Olenin. ‘Felix has great potential and necessary expertise to manage our international relations effectively. His competencies will be much in demand to reach crucial and ambitious goals set by the Company, including retention of over 40% of the global uranium enrichment market by 2030 (together with TENEX) and winning of 20% of the global nuclear fuel production by manufacturing high-end products for which TVEL is well-known on the market. Special importance is attached to our strategic tasks of entering, and becoming entrenched in, new markets where nuclear products of the Company are not yet present.’

TVEL Public Relations Department