Directors of Russian PICs visited the Istanbul Atomic Energy Information Center

03.10.2014 11:35 The directors of the Russian Atomic Energy Information Centers (AEIC) have visited the similar center in Istanbul. The meeting of the directors took place within the framework of implementation of the joint programs of the information centers opened under the typical project of Rosatom State Corporation in Russian and abroad. As of today there are 21 centers (18 in Russia and 3 in other countries: in Hanoi (Vietnam), in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and in Istanbul (Republic of Turkey). Their main task is to inform population about use of atomic energy, Russian nuclear technologies and technical education, promotion of engineering and natural sciences. Mostly school children, students, lecturers, officials, representatives of social organizations and mass media etc. visit the Centers.

Larissa Matveeva (Director of AEIC in Chelyabinsk, Russia) and Elena Nikolaeva (Director of AEIC in Ekaterinburg, Russia) came to the Istanbul Center. Both they have extensive experience in communicating with the population in their regions. Senem Lüle, Director of the Istanbul Center, welcomed her Russian colleagues and told them about her center’s activities, about specificities of interface with the Turkish public, about the work of other children and youth scientific centers opened in the city. The Istanbul Atomic Energy Information Center was open for visitors in last March. It was opened on the basis of the Istanbul Technical University, hence students and children from elementary and secondary schools established by the Development Foundation of the University are the majority of visitors for a while.

In the future all guests of the Istanbul AEIC will find a lot of interesting projects and fascinating programs. Larissa Matveeva and Elena Nikolaeva told Senem Lüle about their experience in arranging events which were very popular in Russia. Especially since multifunctional communication complexes constantly surprise visitors, and even those who call in the center not for the first time. According to the Russian concept each information center has a modern multimedia cinema combining panoramic 3D projection, computer graphics and animation, stereo sound, interactive consoles and personal monitors. Thanks to modern technologies an effect of spectator immersion into virtual reality is created. It draws attention and provokes interest of both adults and children.

Repeated remarks sounded at the meeting of the AEIC directors in this city on Bosporus that keeping the public informed about nuclear energy in terms of reliable scientific data would allow responding to all issues of interest of the most demanding and curious visitors of any age and social status. «We have rather broad interaction with our Russian colleagues, and many joint events will be included into the work plans of the Istanbul PIC. True and accurate information is very important about nuclear generation advantages in general and per specific NPP construction projects on Turkish territory. We want people accept nuclear energy and cease have a fear resulted from hearsays and lack of information» – Senem Lüle said.

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The technical opening of the forth foreign Public Information Center (PIC) on atomic energy of Russian Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation took place on the basis of the Istanbul Technical University in March 2014. The University is a leading higher educational establishement of Istanbul and Republic of Turkey and the oldest country’s University. Now above 60 thousand students, 8 thousand post-graduates are studying in the University and its branches, more than 2 thousand professors are among its faculty.

Press Service of Akkuyu NPP