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25.05.2018 15:40
On May 25 ROSATOM took part in the panel session “The Arctic potential. The Northern Sea Route as a driver of economic growth” which was held at the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2018).

25.05.2018 11:05
On May 24, 2018 ROSATOM and French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission signed the strategic document on French-Russian partnership in the peaceful uses of atomic energy.

25.05.2018 10:41

On the 25th of May 2018, within the XXII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum business program, long-term contracts were signed by TENEX (ROSATOM’s company) and Electricite de France SA (EDF). 

25.05.2018 10:21

  May 25, 2018, St. Petersburg – JSC Rusatom Automated Control Systems (JSC RASU, the integrator of Rosatom in I&C and electrical engineering) and French company Framatome have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The agreement will see the companies enhance their cooperation in the field of Instrumentation & Control (I&C) for their mutual benefit.

24.05.2018 15:05

On May 24, 2018 on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum JSC Rusatom Automated Control Systems (JSC RASU, the integrator of ROSATOM in I&C and electrical engineering) signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Schneider Electric (France), the world leader in energy management.

The document is aimed at further cooperation for high safety and reliability, cost-efficiency, as well as better competitiveness of electrical equipment for NPP power units and electric power grid. According to the MoU, the parties are planning to cooperate in the Russian and international nuclear projects. In particular, JSC RASU will consider the possibility to supply electrical equipment manufactured by Schneider Electric to the overseas nuclear power plants of the Russian design, including BOO and BOOT projects. Schneider Electric, in its turn, is ready to consider the possibility to promote the electrical equipment localized at the production facilities of JSC RASU and other authorized companies of ROSATOM in its own international projects, and assist in the international certification of the equipment based on Schneider Electric technologies.

“We expect that both parties will gain extra technological advantages from this cooperation, resulting in the real-life comprehensive projects related to the manufacture and supply of electrical equipment for the international nuclear and non-nuclear projects of ROSATOM. We have already supported each other in personnel training, exchanged the experience, provided consultancy and information support, and we truly believe that such interaction enables us to move the industry forward, improve efficiency and ensure the proper level of safety and reliability of nuclear power generation”, said Mr. Andrey Butko, the Chief Executive Officer of JSC RASU.

According to Mr. Johan Vanderplaetse, Schneider Electric Senior Vice-President, President Russia & CIS, “Schneider Electric has a long history of successful cooperation with ROSATOM and its affiliates in equipment localization. What we need today is the new approach to the development of capabilities and technologies for the future joint work like modernizing the existing products, making new products, certifying the localized products and promoting their sales at the international markets. This MoU is an important step towards such comprehensive approach to the partnership with JSC RASU for the benefit of our key customers in Russia, Europe and elsewhere”.


22.05.2018 16:05

Representatives of ASE Group of Companies (Engineering Division of ROSATOM) took part in the Third International Conference on Sustainable Cities held on May 18, 2018 in Digital Business Space, Moscow.

This is a traditional meeting location for leading world experts, scientists and heads of governmental authorities in order to exchange experience in the development of urban environment, “green” technologies and innovation. 

Panel discussion Smart Cities in the Digital Economy Age became one of the most remarkable sessions of the conference. 

During this discussion Sergey Kuchin, JSC ASE EC Deputy Director for System Engineering and IT, presented to the business community an innovation of ASE Group of Companies, MULTI-D City digital platform. 

“We create a platform that is a comprehensive system for urban/regional environment control that enables the increase of the efficiency of urban and engineering environment design, construction and operation as well the efficiency of any city networks operation with no increase of current expenses,” said Sergey Kuchin. According to him, this project was implemented by ROSATOM in cooperation with Rostelecom, the Ministry for Communications and Mass Media as well as a row of other Smart City consortium participants, on behalf of which an application for participation in the federal program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” was submitted. Besides, Sergey Kuchin amplified the cooperation of ASE Group of Companies with the Nizhny Novgorod region government in terms of implementation of MULTI-D City modern digital city planning platform in Nizhny Novgorod and in Sarov, one of Rosatom CATU.   From 2022 MULTI-D City shall be proposed for implementation in the cities of Nizhny Novgorod region with the population exceeding 100 thous. people.  Moreover, a joint work on implementation of the following ASE digital products is launched in Nizhny Novgorod:   a digital catalog of industrial enterprises’ products (MULTI-D Market project) and a project for creation of an eco-environment for development of IT-companies and start-ups (iCluster project). 

Maxim Zharenov, session moderator, Director for Skolkolo Fund International Development and Acceleration, draw the public attention to the trend of profound digitalization of city environment and city infrastructure control processes that offers great opportunities to the companies engaged in this sector.  According to Mr.Zharenov, experts of leading world consulting companies forecasted that with the smart city market volume worldwide rated by more than 420 tln. US dollars in 2017, by 2020 it shall increase threefold and exceed 1.5 tln. US dollars. 

For reference: 

Global Innovation Labs (USA), Innovative Infrastructure of Ural Federal University named after the first RF President B.N. Eltsin and Economy Institute of the Science Committee of the Ministry for Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan supported by Moscow Innovation Agency acted as the conference moderators.

ASE group of companies was established as part of ROSATOM engineering division by merging leading companies of the industry, such as: JSC ASE EC - Atomstroyexport JSC - Atomenergoproekt JSC - ATOMPROEKT JSC ASE is one of the global leaders in nuclear power engineering and accounts for 31% of the global NPP construction market. Representative offices, branches and front offices are operating within the territories of 15 countries. About 80% of the order portfolio are accounted for by foreign projects.

It implements high power NPP designing and construction projects, RAW and SNF management facilities, thermal power facilities and renders services within the full range of EPC, EPC(M) and PMC for any complex engineering facilities. 


22.05.2018 11:15

On May 18 the Russia-IAEA Nuclear Management School for Managers in Nuclear Organizations organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and ROSATOM finished its work in ANO ROSATOM Technical Academy in Saint-Petersburg. This school was the third in a row and focused on the mid- and senior managers. It was built in as a separate key event in the program of ATOMEXPO.

The School was attended by 23 participants from 16 countries: Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, Egypt, Ghana, Hungary, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. On the IAEA side the School Director was Deputy Director General of the IAEA and Director of Nuclear Power Department Mikhail Chudakov; on the ROSATOM side the Director was Vladimir Artisyuk, Vice Principal for International Activities of ROSATOM Technical Academy.

The School opened on May 14 in Sochi on the sidelines of the X International Forum ATOMEXPO 2018. The opening ceremony was attended by IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano and ROSATOM Director General Alexei Likhachev. “It is special credit for us that it is our education system has been taken by the IAEA as the partnership system and it is with alliance with us the IAEA has approached already third sitting of the joint School,” Likhachev said in his welcoming address. The School participants visited the Forum and took part in its business program.

The School was focused on development of nuclear infrastructure, safety culture management, achievements in reactor technology and management of nuclear knowledge. The learning was aimed at developing managerial and technical competences necessary for development or implementation of national nuclear power programs and included both the theoretical classes and technical tours. In particular, the School participant visited Leningrad NPP where were show to the reactor and turbine halls and full-scale simulators for VVER and RBMK reactors. In the ROSATOM Technical Academy in Saint-Petersburg they were familiarized with the full-scale simulator for the FNPP Akademik Lomonosov.

19.05.2018 17:21
Murmansk, 19 May 2018 – Akademik Lomonosov, the nuclear floating power unit (FPU), has been moored in Murmansk where it was towed from Saint Petersburg to be loaded with fuel. 

Once loaded with fuel Lomonosov will be towed to the town of Pevek in Chukotka (Russian Far East) where, upon connection to the grid, it will become the world’s so far only operational floating nuclear power plant and the northernmost nuclear installation in the world. It will replace a coal-fired power plant and an aging nuclear power plant Bilibino supplying over 50,000 people with electricity and reducing carbon footprint in the Arctic by tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. 

En route to Murmansk Lomonosov sailed over 4,000 km and travelled four seas: Baltic, Northern, Norwegian and Barents. In the waters off Norway’s west coast Lomonosov was visited by Norwegian media and environmentalists.

18.05.2018 10:45

On May 16 in the Main Media Center of Sochi the jubilee X International Forum ATOMEXPO 2018 organized by ROSATOM finished its work.

This year the Forum has set up several records at once. The first record was about the countries which representative came to the event – 68 (65 in 2017, 55 in 2016, and 48 in 2015). With that, two countries – Congo and Georgia – took part in the Forum for the first time. The second record was the exhibition area – more than 20,000 square meters (12,000 sq.m. in 2017). A number of exhibitor-companies grew to be 136 (for a comparison, last year they were 120). Total number of the participating companies exceeded 600.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed the Forum participants. “Over the past years your forum, which unites heads of large companies, governmental structures, non-governmental organizations, leading experts from Russia and other states, has proven itself as the authoritative platform where topical issues of nuclear sector are discussed at high professional level. In the current conditions, the development of the world economy and maintaining the natural balance of our planet hinges on affording access to stable and environment-friendly sources of energy. Our country is traditionally one of the leaders in the field of development of nuclear power, construction and operation of NPP infrastructure, and fundamental and applied studies. This potential needs to be strengthened basing, among other, on the broad international cooperation,” said the address read from the Forum’s tribune by First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the ROSATOM Supervisory Board Sergei Kirienko.

 Heads of leading sectoral organizations took part in the plenary session: IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, President of the World Nuclear Association Agneta Rising, President of the World Association of Nuclear Operators Jacques Regaldo, and Director-General of Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development William Magwood. The discussion participants tackled upon topics which are most critical for nuclear sector and outlined landmarks for the next period of joint work of the entire nuclear community.

Director General of ROSATOM Alexei Likhachev noted that today ever growing number of countries strive to develop nuclear power. New growth centers want “to enable themselves with access to nuclear power in a fast, high quality and economically attractive manner”. This is the kindly soil for partnership both in commercial nuclear projects and in applied and fundamental science even in cooperation with small innovation companies. It is not mere chance that the theme of the Forum this year is formulated as: “Global Partnership – Joint Success”. Alliances are not only possible, they are necessary for finding mutually beneficial solutions, he said.

The three-day business program of the Forum included three topical tracks (“Digital Future and Industry 4.0”, “New Power Engineering” and “People of Nuclear Industry”) as well as 16 round-table sessions which included: “Globalization as a Key Success Factor: Building NPPs in a Partnership Arrangement”; “Building Capacity in

Countries Embarking on or Expanding Their Nuclear Power Programmes”; “Total cost and time management of NPP construction projects: constituents of success in international projects». A separate round-table session was on new Russia’s opportunities in wing power and prospects of entering the international market with wind turbines. The Forum participants also discussed additive technologies (in particular, manufacturing 3D printers by ROSATOM’s companies) and international scientific cooperation in the use of cutting-edge research infrastructure.

ATOMEXPO 2018 became the site for signing 39 agreements and other cooperation- and partnership-making documents, including commercial contracts. Most important agreements include the interagency agreements with the Republic of Sudan (the Memorandum on the Staff Training; the Memorandum of Forming Positive Public Opinion about Atomic Energy in the Republic of Sudan; Cuba (the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding of Strategic Partnership in Development and Application of Irradiation Technologies) and Chile (the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding and Cooperation in Personnel Training and Education). The statement on principles of the Russian-Serbian cooperation in the field of innovations and technological development associating with the peaceful uses of atomic energy was signed. The contract for design, supply and construction of the Center of Nuclear Science and technology in the Republic of Zambia may be also mentioned along with the agreements concerning implementation of projects to create irradiation centers in Brazil, Malaysia and Philippines.

For the first time, the ATOMEXPO received on its ground the III Russia-IAEA Nuclear Management School for Managers in Nuclear Organizations. IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano took part in its inauguration.

Again, for the first time of ATOMEXPO the award ceremony of prize winners “ATOMEXPO AWARDS” was held. This is the international professional award for outstanding services of world industry companies which contributed greatly to the development of nuclear industry and the use of atomic energy for the benefit of mankind. The prize winners have become: in the nomination “Nuclear technologies for quality of life improving” – the project “Molybdenum-99 production conversion” of NTP Radioisotopes (SAR); in the nomination “Innovations for the Future” – the project of innovative information control system of Dassault Systems; in the nomination “Human capital development” – the project of Tecnatom (Spain) “Education with heart”; in the nomination “The Best start” – the construction project of Belarus NPP; in the nomination “Public acceptance” – the project “Atom on wheels in India” implemented by Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL).

In total, over 4,000 delegates and guests took part in the Forum events. The Forum’s activities were covered by more than mass media representatives for whom briefings and interviews with heads of largest companies of ROSATOM were organized along with presentations of projects, developments and products of nuclear industry.


17.05.2018 17:23

Nikolai Solomon has headed the new federal structure, the Federal Center of Competences in Labor Efficiency. The FCC, among other, includes improvement of labor efficiency by 25% at 850 enterprises of Russia by 2025. Over several years Solomon has supervised over labor productivity enhancement in the nuclear industry as the first deputy director general for corporate functions and senior financial director of ROSATOM. Now, the entire managerial experience of ROSATOM’s top manager will used to solve country-wide tasks. 

Since appearance of ROSATOM in 2007, huge work has been done to increase efficiency of nuclear companies. Over last decade, the labor efficiency at ROSATOM’s companies has grown by 2.6 times up to RUB 5.8 million per each employee that is much larger than the average indicator for the country. The ROSATOM’s team has achieved this at the expense of introduction of the ROSATOM Production System, lean technologies and permanent improvement culture, and the cost saving program.

Solomon will combine the position of the General Director of FCC with work in ROSATOM as a Special Representative for Development of the ROSATOM Production System (RPS) in Russia. This position has been created in ROSATOM to solve a broad range of issues, including spreading RPS best practices beyond nuclear industry: in federal executive bodies, other corporations, and Russian private companies.

For information:

The Federal Center of Competences in Labor Efficiency (FCC) has been established by a decision the Presidium of Council with the President of Russia for Strategic Development and Priority Projects for Implementation of the Priority Program “Improvement of Labor Productivity and Support of Employment”. At the present time, 14 pilot enterprises from 7 regions participate in the program. The main tasks of FCC are the development of strategies for improving labor efficiency and control over their implementation, selection of enterprises for participation in the program and their support in achieving the results of the program as well as assessment of compliance of results of the companies to allocation criteria of financial assistance.


16.05.2018 21:25

Sochi, Russia - Mechanical Engineering Division of Rosatom - JSC “Atomenergomash” and a large manufacturer of marine equipment - MOTORTECH CONSULTING (Croatia) signed Memorandum of strategic cooperation on May 15, 2018 within the framework of the 10th International Forum “Atomexpo” in Sochi.

16.05.2018 19:11

ROSATOM, through its subsidiary, Rusatom Healthcare (RHC), and the Brazilian company CK3 signed a Project Development Agreement (PDA) for the joint implementation and operation of an Irradiation Center in Brazil. 

The document was signed by the RHC’s CEO Denis Cherednichenko, from Russian side, and by CK3’s director Raphael Guiguer, from Brazilian side.

16.05.2018 15:31

The Fourth School of Student Construction Brigades (SCB) in the nuclear industry took place on May 15 during the X Anniversary International ATOMEXPO-2018 Forum in Sochi. This event was organized by the Rosatom Centre for Major Construction Projects, the Russian National Public Youth Organization “Russian Construction Brigades” (RNPYO RCB) and Rosatom’s Corporate Academy. Sixty brigade “privates”, “commanders”, and “commissars” picked from the best students from 15 Russian regions and 22 institutions of learning as well as industry representatives took part in the School.

16.05.2018 13:58

15 May 2018, Sochi – Rusatom Healthcare, a management company of the Rosatom Group responsible for nuclear medicine and radiation processing research, and Shar Parto Iranian have signed an agreement to create a network of irradiation centres in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The document was signed by Denis Cherednichenko, CEO of Rusatom Healthcare, and Seyedreza Rafiee, CEO of Shar Parto Iranian.

The project to create a network of radiation processing centres will include establishing a joint engineering company. The facilities, equipped with electron accelerators and gamma ray units, will be used to provide commercial services to sterilize pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical products, as well as food products.

16.05.2018 13:52

On May 15, 2018 in Sochi, within the framework of the X International Forum “ATOMEXPO 2018”, Rosatom MENA, the regional center of ROSATOM in the Middle East and North Africa, and the Saudi-based Sumou Holding Company, one of the world’s largest specialized energy and construction companies, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at furthering cooperation between the two parties across several key directions.

The document was signed by the Director of Rosatom MENA, Alexander Voronkov, on Russian side, and the Chief Executive Officer of Sumou Holding, Saeed Salem Al Nahdi, on the Saudi side.

The document paves the way for exploring opportunities for cooperation between two companies across a wide range of areas of expertise, such as implementation of wind power generation projects, including construction and maintenance of wind farms in Saudi Arabia; supply of security systems for infrastructure facilities; supply of isotope products for non-destructive testing and other uses, supply of pumping equipment for municipal and industrial use and possible local set-up in Saudi Arabia and similarly for other areas of mutual interest.

Alexander Voronkov commented, ‘We welcome MENA countries’ decisive steps towards adopting innovative technologies that further the region’s economic, scientific and technical development, and are optimistic that this MoU will enable us to expand our cooperation in areas where we have accumulated expertise and experience. We are happy to have Sumou Holding, a remarkable player in energy and construction market, as partner and feel confident that our cutting-edge solutions will meet with significant demand and find useful applications in MENA markets.’

On the other hand, Saeed Al Nahdi stated that the vision of 2030 of Saudi Arabia encourages international partnership to accelerate development in targeted sectors. Our collaboration with Rosatom is aimed towards achieving goals under this ambitious plan of the kingdom in energy, technology and industrial advancement.

For reference:

Rusatom International Network is a non-profit organization within the ROSATOM structure, that meets the challenges of developing and managing a network of foreign regional centers. The company’s structure incorporates 11 regional centers. The main tasks of the company and the regional centers include business development, promotion of Russian nuclear industry’s products and services on the global market, as well as ROSATOM international communication support. One of the main functions of the company is the coordination of foreign economic activities of enterprises in the ROSATOM structure. Rosatom MENA opened in 2016, based in Dubai, UAE.

Sumou Holding is a world-class holding group and institutional investor that focuses on creating growth in business sectors strategically important to Saudi Arabia’s future. Sumou Holding’s success is powered by successful subsidiary companies such as Sumou Real Estate – a concern that revolutionised successful large project planning, management and delivery in the Kingdom. Sumou Holding Company brings together in capital, international expertise and local market knowledge to spur business growth local markets. It is adept in assembling consortiums of capital, local managerial expertise and international best practice to mobilise investment vehicles in response to regional opportunities. Today, Sumou Holding Company is engaging with most of the industry sectors essential to Saudi Arabia’s long-term success – including real estate, construction, energy, mining and renewables.

16.05.2018 12:34

During the Atomexpo-2018 Forum Rosatom’s Science Division conducted a round table “International Scientific Cooperation and Advanced Research Infrastructure—the Foundation for Innovative Development in the Nuclear Power Industry”.

Vyacheslav Pershukov, Rosatom’s Special Envoy for Scientific and Technical Projects, William Magwood IV, Director General of OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, Sibaji Raha, the FAIR Project Joint Scientific Council Charmain, and Hans-Henrich Altfeld, the ITER Project Engineering Office Head addressed the round table.

The round table participants discussed the format of international scientific collaboration and the factors that affect its success, citing such examples as the International Research Center Projects, whereby the Center will be created on the basis of Russia’s most powerful multipurpose fast neutron research reactor MBIR (under construction on the site of the RIAR State Nuclear Center in Dimitrovrad), a project to build an international fusion reactor ITER, the European Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research FAIR, and other examples. They noted considerable progress in organizing international collaboration and the great opportunities resulting from the joint use of today’s expensive scientific equipment.

For reference:

The International Forum ATOMEXPO has been held since 2009 on the initiative of ROSATOM. Over the past years about 38,000 people from 83 countries took part in the forum; 987 companies presented their exhibitions, and 1,116 experts were speakers at 141 round-table sessions. At nine forums more than 300 agreements and international cooperation documents were signed. The “Platinum Sponsors” of the jubilee forum ATOMEXPO 2018 are PJSC Sovkombank and PJSC Bank VTB; the “Gold Sponsor” is JSC Gazprombank; the forum partners are JSC TVEL, FSUE RosRAO, FSUE NO RAO; the “Power Sponsor” is JSC Rosenergoatom Concern. The Operator is Atomexpo LLC. 

16.05.2018 12:20

On May 15, 2018 "on the margins" of the ATOMEXPO-2018 International Forum in Sochi ROSATOM and the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electric Power of the Republic of the Sudan signed a Memorandum on Cooperation on the personnel training in the field of nuclear energy of the Republic of the Sudan and the Memorandum on the formation of positive public opinion on nuclear energy in the Republic of Sudan.

On the Russian side the documents were signed by N.N.Spassky, Deputy Director General of ROSATOM, from the Sudanese side - Yu.Kh. Yusif Abdullah,First Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity of the Republic of Sudan.

Memorandums establish framework agreements on cooperation in two key areas of the development of the Sudanese program of nuclear energy peaceful use: in the field of personnel training and on the formation of positive public opinion on nuclear energy in the Republic of Sudan.

In particular, as part of the Memorandum on cooperation in personnel training the parties agreed on the implementation of joint projects in the field of personnel education and training for the needs of nuclear energy and related industries. It is planned to organize training programs for the nuclear infrastructure of the Republic; development of close cooperation between specialized educational institutions; organization of internships, summer schools, seminars, olympiads, conferences and round tables on nuclear topics; teacher training for the purpose of conducting training courses in Sudanese universities and other educational organizations of the country; development of field-specific educational and scientific literature and exchange of students.

The Memorandum on Cooperation on the positive public opinion formation regarding nuclear energy stipulates the parties interaction within the framework of the preparation and implementation of a set of measures aimed at dealing with the public and the media. In particular, the parties plan to develop public information programs about nuclear technologies and the directions of their use; organization of educational events for the media and public opinion leaders, conducting international specialized conferences, round tables and exhibitions with the involvement of international experts in the field of nuclear technology; development of information and training materials aimed at drawing public attention to social and economic benefits of the projects implementation in the field of nuclear energy peaceful use, safety of modern nuclear energy technologies; information and experience exchange and other areas of cooperation.

16.05.2018 11:00

During the X Anniversary International Forum ATOMEXPO-2018 in Sochi on May 15, 2018, the ROSATOM and the “Talent and Success” Education Foundation signed a cooperation agreement.

Aleksey Likhachev, Director General of the ROSATOM, and Yelena Shmeleva, head of the “Talent and Success” Education Foundation, signed the document.

The parties agreed to collaborate in creating an environment for identifying children and youth who have unusual abilities, assisting them in their further development towards a successful career in the fields of science, technology, sports, and the arts in the Russian Federation; in implementing joint education programs for schoolchildren and students who show extraordinary abilities in the natural scientific field; and in developing additional professional training programs for educators to enable them to work with gifted children, including high-priority areas of science and technology development in the Russian Federation.

Moreover, Rosatom and the “Talent and Success” Foundation will combine their efforts in implementing cooperative R&D and innovation projects, as well as in the field of spreading scientific knowledge and popularizing the best scientific and technological achievements.


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