In 2012 AAEM completed and handed over to the customer, ASE JSC EC (formerly NIAEP JSC), the VVER TOI turbine hall design.

The international cooperation of AAEM, General Electric (formerly Alstom) and ASE JSC EC (formerly NIAEP) resulted in strong engineering solutions for the turbine islands based on the ARABELLE™ technology. The nuclear power plant concept has been developed offering a high level of efficiency of more than 37.7 % and availability of 97.5%. ASE JSC EC and AAEM/GE have jointly designed the most efficient configuration of the turbine to deliver the best performance, arrangement and layout solutions of the turbine island in whole. This turbine generator set is fully consistent with the Customer's requirements and perfectly fits the operational environment of the Russian nuclear power plants while ensuring high overall efficiency and featuring an extended design lifetime, short overhaul periods and low maintenance costs.
  • Diesel-generator sets for LNPP-2

    The diesel-generator sets supplied by AAEM in 2017 ensure the safety of LNPP-2 in case of emergency. AAEM supplied five diesel-generator sets in total: four of them providing emergency power supply and one for the BoP, each rated at 6.3 MW. The performance of the diesel-generator sets meets the most stringent requirements for reliability, availability, speed of response and is instrumental in safe operation of the nuclear power plant. AAEM together with GE, Atomenergomash companies and other subcontractors were responsible for the entire scope of design, production control, quality assurance, delivery of the DGS, including field servicing and commissioning.

  • Hanhikivi-1 NPP, 1 x 1200 MW

    AAEM will deliver the auxiliary equipment of the steam turbine package for Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power plant under construction (Finland), including the condensers, moisture separator reheaters, high- and low-pressure heaters, feedwater tank and deaerator, condensate and feedwater pumps, equipment of the turbine and generator auxiliaries, set of pipelines and valves. The plant will use the Russian VVER-1200 reactor based on the AES-2006 project.

  • Akkuyu NPP, 4 x 1200 MW

    AAEM will deliver the equipment of the steam turbine package for the turbine island of Akkuyu nuclear power plant (the Republic of Turkey). The project includes 4 units rated at 1200 MW each. The main equipment of the steam turbine plant for the turbine island, including the half-speed Arabelle™ steam turbine, the four-pole GIGATOP™ turbogenerator and the condenser vacuum system equipment, will be manufactured by Alstom Power Systems (part of General Electric). The pumps, heat-exchange and other auxiliary equipment will be manufactured by Atomenergomash mainly. The turbine island systems in the project developed by AAEM will ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and safety of the unit as a whole.