Arabelle half-speed steam turbine provides optimal solutions for nuclear reactors from 900 MWe up to 1800 MWe

With a demonstrated reliability rate of 99.96% over 400 000 operating hours, the Arabelle ensures stable and reliable energy production.

> Arabelle: unique and efficient turbine architecture
  What is unique in the Arabelle steam turbine architecture, at this very high level of power output, is the use of a combined High Pressure and Intermediate Pressure module (HP/IP module) that accommodates extended single flow expansion down to 3 bars and produces 60% of the mechanical power with high efficiency. It explains the outstanding output of the turbine generator which remains unique and unchallenged in the nuclear power plant world market for the given steam conditions. 

> Welded rotor technology for best reliability
  Welded rotor technology is a key GE Steam Power Systems steam turbine innovation. This technology has been continuously improved over the past 80 years to offer nowadays the following advantages:

  • Reduces stresses and provides better resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
  • Smaller forged rotors (which are welded together), meaning that sourcing and delivery are easier and more secure

> Independent structure for stable centring of the shaftline and most efficient load distribution

  • Makes the shaftline centring easier
  • No vibration as a result of condensate and vacuum level variations in the condenser
  • The turbine load on the table top is greatly reduced, reducing thus building cost.

ARABELLE™ half-speed steam turbine