Supply of equipment packages for nuclear power plant turbine halls using the half-speed technology adaptable to all reactor types

AAEM is an engineering company that leverages GE experience to focus on packaged equipment supply projects. GE has been a global leading integrator and supplier of nuclear equipment for 55 years now. Out of 480 nuclear power plants in service or under construction around the world, more than 140 use GE steam turbines and generators, and 200 - other equipment of the turbine island.

One of the first achievements of AAEM was to complete the VVER TOI project based on shared management data system.

Working as part of the AES-2006 and VVER TOI projects enables AAEM to offer the Russian and foreign clients a fully developed solutions based on Arabelle half-speed turbine for the construction of nuclear power plants with VVER reactors. All the proposed technical solutions for the nuclear turbine island equipment provide high efficiency, increased design life, short repair time and low maintenance costs.

For supply contracts, increasing the localization fraction within the total turbine island equipment supply scope while providing competitive edges for the Russian manufacturers, ensuring good quality, best price and meeting delivery deadlines is a particular emphasis.

To achieve the above goal in strict compliance with the renowned quality standards of GE, AAEM qualifies the products of the Russian manufacturers and generates a list of proven equipment suppliers for nuclear turbine islands. As a result, the suppliers localized in Russia shall enter the global nuclear construction market and fully comply with the applicable standards.

Turbine Island